Introduction to ABBC

Introduction to ABBC

The Advanced Biotechnology and Breeding Centre was officially established as a division on 1st July 2011 following the upgrading of the Advanced Biotechnology and Breeding Centre from a Unit to a Division. The ABBC Division undertakes research activities, which are implemented by five Units: Breeding and Tissue Culture, Bioinformatics, Genomics, Functional Biotechnology and Metabolics.

The Division drives forward new research areas that profit from multi disciplinary approaches. Recent advances in biotechnology, especially in the areas of genomics and genetic engineering, have opened opportunities and expedited progress in crop improvement.

Genomic tools are being developed to enhance the speed and precision of breeding for improved oil palm varieties. The tools and techniques of genetic engineering are being developed to channel the inherent high productivity of the oil palm towards value-added products. These include high oleate and high stearate oil, bioplastics, nutraceuticals and industrial oils.

Tissue culture research is conducted with the view to using this technique both as a means of producing uniform high yielding palms and as a tool for the propagation of elite plants.

An important element of a comprehensive strategy for biotechnology is collaboration. The division has formed strategic alliances through contract and collaborative research with international and national centres of excellence.